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Road rage and Dead Sea face masques! 

This afternoon my sisters popped over for some lunch! It was lovely to have a catch up with them! I was feeling absoloutley exhausted after such a busy weekend and it was great just to have some down time. 


Myself and Manchild took Hazel to get some new toys as she seemed to be getting bored of her old ones, im not sure how as it currently looks like a toy shop in my living room. However on the way back we had a horrible encounter with a man in a van. You see i was just about to cross an A road when a van appeared next to me. It shocked me so much I put my breaks on. As it was a single lane I couldn’t believe he had tried to overtake me on my left hand side. I tried to ignore it but this man was screaming and shouting at us so we rolled down the window to see what was going on! He claimed I had hesitated whilst trying to cross the road. Which was correct. But I had hesitated as he had pulled up next to me and I thought he was going to smash into the side of my car! I find it so unessasary for people to be so rude for a mistake they made! And the language that was coming out of his mouth whilst I had a one year old in the car was disgusting! I was quite shaken for a while after that and kept going over and over in my head what had happened. I am 100% sure he was in the wrong. Silly twat.


Anyway. Now that that was over we headed home to get hazels new toys out. She played with them for roughly 10 minutes before wanting to watch ‘paw patrol’ on the telly. Without her trousers on. Money well spent…

After she got in bed we thought it would be an opportunity to chill out after our mental weekend and that is exactly what we did! Whilst we were out we grabbed some Dead Sea face masques which have left my skin feeling super soft! I always choose masques that only have natural products in to avoid any damage to my skin. Especially now I’m taking my ANP daily I am noticing such a huge difference! 

That’s all I have for today! A bit of fun and a bit of fear!



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