Man child’s birthday! 

Last night I drank my fair share of alcohol and it’s safe to say I was feeling pretty fragile when I woke up this morning. 

Feeling slightly wobbly after a heavy night calls for one thing and one thing only. A buddies breakfast! 

Okay so by the time we peeled ourselves out of bed in a slightly hazy state it was more like lunch time than breakfast. But better late than never! 

Bellies full and we were starting to feel much better! We picked our small human up from my mums and took her swimming! Although that was short lived as Hazel started shivering really badly after about 20 minutes so we decided it was best to get out and warm up!

We ‘popped’ to the shops to buy some wellies and ended up coming away with a few other bits and spent almost 3 hours shopping! 

Got home and had a cup of tea and now I’m jumping in the bath to prepare myself for a full day out at londons beauty show tomorrow!


I leave you with this photo of myself and man child before things got a little bit messy! All in all he’s had a great birthday and I am very lucky to have spent it with him! 



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