Sports massage and a major fail! 

Got up this morning with little one and got myself ready to go into work for my weekly sports massage!

Couldn’t help but notice the flowers in bloom in my garden as I left! 

My massage was extra painful today! Either I’m sensitive or my sports therapist was getting rid of some extra stress! Either way my neck and shoulders feels much better now and I’m looking forward to physio tomorrow! 

So I got home and man child left for work. Put Hazel for a nap and started sorting out posts for work social media. Over 100 posts and 2 hours later I needed to sync my social media profiles and it deleted ALL of my damn posts! So that will be another 2 hours tomorrow to sort them all out! 

It’s been pouring with rain all day. Can’t really expect anything more from England. So me and Hazel have been playing in her tent for hours on end. 

She’s been giving me the run around this evening throwing gwenquin out of her cot to an area of her room she can’t reach causing me to run up and down the stairs to pick it up around 8 times. As if that wasn’t enough exercise for one day I’m awaiting the arrival of man child for another HIIT. I will be skinny again!! 



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