Sunday funday! 

So I ‘forgot’ to write my blog…okay so I didn’t really forget I’m just up super late tonight. So here goes. 

This morning I got up with baby and did the usual clean whilst man child got an extra hour in bed. Got ourselves ready to go to my dads to see my uncle and his partner! Delicious bacon and egg rolls were consumed along with a homemade cake and some tea! 

Back home with my sister for a catch up and my mum popped in to see us! Lots more tea was consumed and good chats were had! 

My sister jess and I decided on having a spontaneous sleep over so we popped to the garage to grab some essentials. (Popcorn and chocolate…of course) 

We watched Dr strange which was good although I feel like I need a 2nd watch to really grasp what was going on. It’s definitely a film I’m happy to watch twice. Then we switched to watch Louis Theroux – My Scientology film. An interesting watch but rather confusing to understand his true aim in making this documentary! 

We’ve had lots of laughs and lots more tea. It’s been a great Sunday spending time with my family! I’m crawling into bed now at nearly 1am ready for some well needed rest! 



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