A day with my sister! 

I woke up this morning and came downstairs with Hazel to see my little sister cuddled up on a home made bed on the floor! I made this using around 6 blankets and a duvet! That’s what happens when you have a spontaneous sleep over! 

We just relaxed and played with Hazel this morning. 

Man child even made us bacon sandwiches for lunch! 2 lots of bacon in 2 days doesn’t bode well with the inches of fat on my stomach! 
Hazel went for a nap and we watched a couple of murder documentaries! Love a bit of crime drama! Although I’m always left feeling like what’s wrong with the world! 

After Hazel woke up I took jess back to uni and I’ve literally been playing with my small human for the rest of the day! Nice and easy jacket and cheese for dinner tonight and I’m now watching yet another documentary waiting for stefan to get home ready for a HIIT work out! 

I’ve had the perfect few days off work and I’m ready to get back in tomorrow for another fully booked day! 



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