The perfect Saturday. 

Last night sleep was sparse. I’ve been so unwell this week and it seems to be worse in the night! Here’s how lazy I am…I was coughing and spluttering so much I even woke stefan up to go downstairs and get me a drink…and he did! 😂 

Up nice and early for work. I like to get in about 40 minutes early just to get everything sorted for the day ahead! There’s 3 of us beauty therapists now and every saturday we are jam packed with clients! Which is great! 

By far my favourite treatments to provide are eyelash extension and shellac nails! 

I’m off to the beauty show next Sunday and I cannot wait to add some brand new treatments into the salon! 

After a long day of treatments I got home to really just sit on the sofa and relax! Stefan took Hazel for a bath and then shouted ‘HOLLY COME HERE QUICK’. Hazel had puked all over the bathroom floor! She was trying to grab the puke out of her mouth as it was coming out! Poor thing. She seemed much better after and I think she’s got a bad chest as she has been coughing lots which I think what made her sick! 

She’s fast asleep in her bed now and man child is having an evening out! So surprise surprise I’ve sat my fat bum down on the sofa to relax!

With a lemsip of course! 



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