Broken phone and bath candles! 

Today began with cleaning the house and playing with baby (most days begin like this). Although it started around 6:45 rather that 9 because someone decided to wake up nice and early! 

We walked to the shop once stefan got home from work to go and get lunch! The shop is literally 2 minutes away but took us almost half an hour to get there and back because Hazel wanted to walk! 

I’ve been to my mums this afternoon and had a catch up with my twin!

As I grabbed my phone out of my bag I realised it is completely split through the centre! I believe this happened earlier when Hazel picked my phone up and lobbed it at the dining room table! Though man child seems to think I’m just using her as an excuse 😂 that’s 3 smashed phones in the past year and as my dad would say ‘why doesn’t it have a glass protector on it?’ Well that’s what happens when you don’t take your parents advice! 
Now I’m home and having a soak in the bath with some floating candles stefan got me for Christmas. I totally failed at putting them in and kept dunking them under the water making them virtually impossible to light them! Rest assured I triumphed and got all 5 lit…for around 3 and a half minutes before I sloshed my big body around and drenched them all again.

I’m going to cosy up in bed and find some form of documentary to watch before getting an early night ready for work in the morning! 



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