Physio #2 and nail art! 

Today i dropped Hazel at my brother and sister in laws. (Okay so I’m not married yet but I still class them as my family) the traffic taking her was so bad I made it to physio with 1 minute to spare! Desperate for a wee I ran down the corridor to the patient toilets and manage to lock myself in! Luckily I freed myself without having to press the emergency button! That would have been an awkward turn of events. 

The session itself was only about 20 minutes long but I am noticing a difference immediately! I had 1 day of headaches last week rather than the usual 7! I’ve been banging on at the drs for so long about my neck and now they’ve finally referred me I am feeling so much better and definitely more myself!! 

Work was also good! Put some of my nail art to the test with little roses and cats (or mice) depending which hand you look at. 

I’ve booked on a refresher course for our environ skin care in may and it will be great to get some more knowledge on the new products and treatments! 

I’m ending the day with a hot honey and lemon drink to try kick the last of this cold! 



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