A long but fun day off! 

We’ve been super busy today! Man child’s been at work this morning and Hazel decided to wake up super early! So what does any responsible parent do? Put peppa pig on for an extra hour in bed of course! 

When man child arrived home we decided to go swimming (and by swimming I mean floating around in cold water looking like a whale whilst preventing a small child from drowning). Completely forgetting it’s half term the pool was rammed and we had to wait half an hour to even get in the pool! 

Hazels got her new shoes on and she was testing them out this afternoon by walking in every possible direction other than the way to the car! 

Back home for the evening with an hour of HIIT and a new episode of the walking dead! 
It’s been much warmer today and the flowers are beginning to bloom!

It was nice to leave the house without worrying that my nips might fall off onto the floor and become encased in ice cubes! (Just going to leave that delightful image there) 


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