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Daily makeup and a family visit! 

I usually wear a lot of make up everyday. Regardless of if I leave the house or not. Getting up in the morning and making yourself look good also makes you feel good. I bought some new matte powder and concealer that I’ve tested out today! 

I’m usually into wearing nude lip glosses at the moment so today I’ve changed it up with a pink lipstick instead! 

Man child got up with baby this morning and let me have a lie in! I seriously needed it. Although I’ve been in agony the past few days with my neck and I woke up this morning with no pain. And for the first time in a year with no headache! So I’m looking forward to continuing my physio to help get rid of these migraines for good! 

We’ve been to my dads this afternoon and Hazel had lots of fun with dexter dog! She’s really gentle with him which is nice to see! 

My mum bought her the cutest bag the other day and she’s been carrying it around and putting her toys in it! 

On our way home we walked up the road and Hazel discovered a puddle for the first time. She even tried to wash her hands in it 😂

After I told her she wasn’t allowed to clean her hands in the puddle she cried for a good 5 minutes after! She’s home now and reunited with Gwenquin! 

Stefan and I are playing a few games of binding of Issac and catching up with westworld! Because we are nerd and have nothing constructive to do with our time! 



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