A shopping trip and the mysterious disappearance of gwenquin!

Today I was in need of some retail therapy! Who better to go and spend some money with than my mum! It’s man child’s birthday coming up so I’ve managed to get his stuff sorted and now all I need to do is find a time to wrap it between the chaos of handling a small child! 
I have decided I am NEVER taking hazels car seat out of the car again seeing as it took me nearly 20 minutes to get it back plus it was freezing cold and snowing. I can’t help but think the little smirk she has on her face in the picture below is a big ‘screw you mum and your inability to install my car seat correctly and in a timely fashion!’

Never the less we made it to our shopping destination and had some lunch in Marks and Sparks! I even bought Hazel a baby toastie…which she failed to eat. She more or less just turned her nose up to say ‘you think I’m going to eat that?’ 

I managed to get her some new shoes although I only bought her some around 3 weeks ago. Attempted to get her some wellies too but they were just to big! 

The funniest part of my day was pulling up outside my mums house and Hazel had fallen asleep in the car. The muppets song was playing in the background (I forget the name) and as soon as we turned it off this is how she woke up…​

​Back to mums for dinner and I’ve just got back  home and my make up from this morning is still in tact!Warm but wintery! I’m beginning to notice the effects of the ANP supplements I’m taking. It’s a slow process but my skin definitely feels a lot less dry! I’m still trying to wrap my head around swallowing so many tablets all at once without looking like a drug addict. 

Hazel has gone straight to sleep this evening! We had issues getting her off to sleep last night because I left gwenquin at her auntie and uncles house! Between the hours of 1pm and 7pm gwenquin went missing! We’ve been trying to solve the case of where she had gotten to and her uncle sent man child this photo: 

Both Hazel and her cousin must have believed she was a real penguin and placed her in her ‘natural’ habitat! I must admit I laughed so hard at this I think I may have burst a few blood vessels in my brain! (Not that I had many there in the first place) As you can see she’s been through some hard times and it will be nice to get her back home…and straight into the washing machine! 
It’s time to put some heat on my neck because I am in agony from physio yesterday! I’m hoping it will feel much better tomorrow otherwise having a full day of clients is going to prove difficult.



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