Physiotherapy and a new beauty treatment! 

This morning I went to physiotherapy for my neck! It’s been discovered the top of my spine where my neck meets my skull is twisted and squashing the nerves! It’s a relief to know there’s a reason for these migraines and I can finally put something to good use! I’ve been advised to have manipulation and acupuncture to the area along with the sports massage im already having! 

Hazels been at her aunties this afternoon whilst I’ve been at work! Her and her cousin always have so much fun together and seeing them play is so cute! 

We’ve added a new treatment to the salon called ‘dip and buff acrylic’ don’t be fooled by the word ‘acrylic’ they absoloutley DO NOT ruin your nails! I’ve added a video to show how they’re done! 

We’ve got so many things coming to the salon this year and lots of exciting things happening! We’re coming into 4 years now and things are going amazing! Hard work pays off. Not everyone can be happy for you when you’re doing so well but I believe it’s nice to support other small businesses and watch them grow! I find competiton a positive not a negative! I was only 21 when we opened the salon and in a few weeks time I’m going to be 25. I often forget to look at what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time and I can only hope it continues the way it has been! 

Now I’m home and Hazel is in bed it’s time to rest my neck and have some well needed ‘me time’. Something that doesn’t come around often once you become a parent. 

– Holly 


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