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A bit of work and a bit of pampering! 

Hazels been at her auntie and uncles playing with her cousin for the afternoon whilst I’ve been at work! I love getting photo up dates of the babies from my sister in law! They play so well together! 

 I managed to test out our new dip and buff acrylics and so far I’m pretty impressed! 

Just need to wait and see how long they last! I’ve had an infill on my eyelashes and my weekly sports massage to help with my stiff neck! We recently had a new therapist start with us so it’s nice to be able to get a treatment once in a while! 

Man child is out tonight so I’m at home with the baby. I’ve just dyed my hair for the first time in ages and my roots were so over grown it desperately needed doing! 

I’m having a relaxed evening now that baby is in bed. Tea in hand and TV on! 


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