A day with a demanding toddler. 

Today’s post is mostly going to be about Hazel. I’ve done a crap ton of housework and who really wants to read about that? 

So she’s still addicted to sitting in the washing basket whilst I’m cleaning the kitchen. Just this time it was clean washing which I have now folder around 3 times. It makes me laugh though because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand that underwear go on your bum and not your head. I didn’t realise she was doing this until I turned around to see her with a  with a pair of pants on her head and a pair dangling from her neck. I’m just thankful they were clean! 

She’s been a bit of a handful today wanting to get into everything she shouldn’t so I got out the trusty tent and she’s been playing in there nicely for a while! 

Of course the only picture I took was of her not in it. 

She’s had 2 major melt downs today. One because I wouldn’t let her run around with a pen and 2 because she wasn’t allowed to put her toys in the toilet! Who said parenting was easy? 

I’ve just given her a bath and as I was getting her towel to get her out she stood up. Looked deep into my soul. Said ‘poo poo mumma’ and shat in the bath! Honestly things never go smoothly do they? 

I’m awaiting man child to finish work so we can do another hour of HIIT training because we are off to Great Yarmouth in may and I don’t want to scare the locals with all my extra fat! 



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