Lunch date and painting! 

We’ve been at my twins house this afternoon for a lovely lunch with my sister, her boyfriend and my mum! Though I gave myself indigestion from Hazel sitting on my lap whilst trying to eat at the same time! Every time I put something on my plate she would steal it and claim it as her own! (Nothing is ever just yours once you’ve had a baby. And yes that includes going to the bathroom in private without a small person banging on the door shouting HIYA at the top of their lungs). I don’t think I’ve actually eaten a meal in the past year i seem to just inhale food straight from my mouth and into my stomach! 

This type of lunch is my absolute favourite! Baguettes and picky food are what I wish for every day! 

Hazel seems to be over her fear of the bath now and soaks me from splashing every time she’s in it! It’s so nice to see her enjoying the bath and it makes life so much easier. A few weeks ago she was scared to even go near it and would have a complete melt down the second she gets in it! She hasn’t had a nap all day as we’ve been so busy so I’m hoping she will settle quickly tonight. 

I had a sudden urge to do something creative this evening. I do a lot of nail art at work which I suppose you could consider art but I was really fancying doing some painting or drawing! Now I’m not particularly talented when it comes to painting but I’ve done my own version of a painting we have in our living room! I’ve gone for a more cartoon feel to it and it was so much fun! 

Man child is playing the PS4 (what a shock…) so I think I’ll carry on painting and see what other crappy pictures I can come up with! Sometimes it’s good to do something just for the fun of it knowing you’re not great. It takes the pressure off having to produce something perfect every time. 



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