Work party! 

Today was our work party! I got to the salon nice and early to start setting things up! My business partner and employees thought it was so funny to them that the majority of cakes I bought were lemon flavoured which I hadn’t even realised! 🍋. Knowing you couldn’t possible conduct a successful party with only lemon flavoured cakes I rushed down the budgens to get some cherry bakewells to even things out. This left us with a mountain of cakes at the end of the day which isn’t going to bode well with my diet! 
The party was a great success and we had a brilliant day all round! 
Man child took Hazel to the lake today and sent me some picture updates!

  Doesn’t surprise me she’s eating the bread rather than feeding it to the ducks! Certainly sounds like something my child would do! 

We had a bit of play time before the bedtime routine commenced and I’ve posted a video below. (Sorry it’s sideways but I can’t work out how to turn it round) 

​​We don’t have much planned this evening so that’s all I have for today! 

– Holly


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