The power of makeup and a work out!

I’m not entirely sure why but I love seeing before and after pics when it comes to make-up so I thought I would post my own. 

The transformation is quite staggering really. You can see all the damage and redness to my skin in the first picture. Make up is a life saver (okay so it doesn’t really save lives but it sure does prevent people having a heart attack when they see me without it). I’m hoping to use less make up in the future as I deal with my skin issues using Environ skin care products and the advanced nutrition programme. 

I use a mixture of make up products and this look was created using 

  • Jane iredale BB3 (the best full coverage of all time) 
  • Next Contor and highlighter, blush and masscara 
  • No 7 eyeliner 
  • Revolution eyeshadow and lip gloss 
  • Beautiful brows kit in shade ‘light brown

For lunch we went to the navigation in stoke brurne! We got stopped by some old man telling us all about his 7 children and 14 grandchildren. It’s nice to chat to people but in my head all I could think was ‘how can I escape this mans rambling?’


I’ve also been to Tesco to grab some bits for our work anniversary party tomorrow! Didn’t get a trolley because I didn’t think we would need much so I just grabbed a basket which was completely full. I must have looked like a mad woman carrying a basket full of cake in one hand and 2 bottles of prosecco in the other! 

Myself and man child have finished the day with an hour HIIT training and I am dead beat! My body is nowhere near where I want it to be after having a baby and everyone always says I look fine but it’s time I put some work in and lost this extra fat! 

It’s been a lovely day off and I’m excited for the madness of tomorrow! 

– Holly 


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