A trip to Sally’s and work 

This is likely to be a short post as not a lot has happened today! Woke up this morning…always a good start! To begin my usual morning routine of breakfast and getting baby ready! Today she learnt how to play hide and seek with the curtains. We spent 30 minutes just going in and out and in and out. 

Left early to go to Sally’s to get a few bits for the salon and sped off to meet man child at work to do the baby swap! Although I completely forgot he had an appoinent and was taking Hazel to my brother in laws. I’d forgotten to bring her changing bag and she hadn’t even had lunch yet! Some days I wonder if my head is screwed on half the time! 

Work was good had a catch up with a very good friend of mine and put the worlds to right! Saw lots of my lovely clients which always makes the day go super fast! I really do enjoy every minute at work! 

Got home to man child having cooked a pasta bake and a fresh cup of tea waiting for me! Now we are getting cosy on the sofa to catch up with walking dead! I’ve got my green tea at the ready! I was shocked to discover at my training course Monday just how good it is for you! So I’ve decided to drink it a lot more! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with more on my standard daily life! 

– Holly 


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