Sports massage and dealing with migraines! 

8:00am- Early morning start with baby! And this is probably going to be a long post so bear with me! We’ve been playing and enjoying ourselves and she’s been helping (or hindering) me do some spring cleaning…in the winter. But sometimes it feels so good just to get everything sorted! My washing basket did have clothes in until she decided to take them all out, throw them around the kitchen and then spend the next 10 minutes playing in the basket until she realised that actually she can get in it but she can’t get out!

11:30am-After what felt like a lifetime of sorting the house out it was time to put little one down for a nap…sounds easy right? Well no. You see Hazel has a big attachment for a toy penguin that we have renamed gwenquin. But I couldn’t find it anywhere! I searched for 20 minutes and found it shoved between the wall and the wardrobe. She obviously thought this was a safe place to keep gwenquin. And she was correct. So after that ordeal she’s finally asleep and I can sit down with a cup of tea! 

12:30pm-Hazel has been asleep for a good while so it’s given me a chance to get myself ready for the day! Am I the only person who will do a full face of make up and then literally shove their hair in a bun? I just can’t be arsed to straighten, curl or style it every day! 

Also I have some serious roots going on. So I have no option but to shove it up into a birds nest on the top of my head. I’m just hoping a sparrow doesn’t mistake it for their home when I leave for the salon because I have never been pooped on by a bird before and I certainly don’t want it to happen today. Or any day infact!

1:30pm-Man child is now home from work and I’m off to get a sports massage! Over the past year or so I’ve been struggling with headaches and migraines. I have a headache every single day but luckily the migraines aren’t so regular. Some people may put this down to having a small demanding person in there lives (I mean the baby not the man child though this could be up for dispute) But it’s definitely not that. Some days it gets so bad I physically can’t do anything! So after countless trips to the drs and A&E and many many pills later I’ve now been referred to a physio for my neck. That starts next week. However I’ll be having regular sports massages at work to help loosen tight muscles in my neck and shoulders and hope that’s the reason why! It’s a good job I work with a sports masseuse and a very talented one at that. But my god they hurt! Having someone dig their hands into your back isn’t usually a pleasant experience but they really do help! I can’t reccomend a sports massage enough and my therapist is the best! You can book with him here

3:00pm- massage done and I’m feeling much more relaxed! I also grabbed some freezpeaz to pop on my neck later. I’ll be heating them up rather than freezing them because it’s best for stiff muscles! 

4:00pm- tonight I’ll be making soup for dinner which is one of the easiest but longest things to make! Consisting of sweet potatoes, sweetcorn, broccoli, onions and tomatoes! So I’m starting the prep now! Man child is out this evening shooting some balls at the pool table with his friends and I’ll be getting cosy on the sofa was a cuppa with some shitty tv. 

7:00pm- Baby is in bed, man child is out, so I’m going to watch a movie and relax before a busy day tomorrow at the salon! So I leave you this picture of the two loves of my life. 


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