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Starting ANP and a crazy baby! 

So here we go! As I said in my last blog post I’m beginning a new adventure for the salon with the advanced nutrition programme! Where better to begin than with my own skin? I at least want to know they work before I start selling them I can’t very well be giving away products that I’m not confident with. Though I’m pretty sure these are going to be incredible! 

So this is what I’m going to be taking…every day! It sure looks a lot but not everybody needs this much! I just have a lot of skin concerns to battle! Though I have to admit trying to swallow 12 tablets all at once is not a good idea…you just end up spitting most of them out and having to start again.So what I’m taking and why is set out below. 

  • 1 blister pack of multivitamins – for all skin concerns. 
  • 1 skin antioxidant – to protect the skin from premature aging.
  • 1 skin vit A+ – the + stands for includes vitamin D. I’m using this to help repair. 
  • 2 skin vit C – to tackle dryness.

That’s 12 supplements in total! But I know it’s going to be worth it! 

So this morning I’ve pretty much done nothing by play with my crazy one year old who has just learnt to walk. So it’s quite difficult trying to do anything whilst theyre awake. Especially when they learn a new word and all they do is run around shouting said new word. For Hazel today it’s ‘bee’ 

She makes me laugh so much! You really do have to appreciate every moment because they change so quick! 

So now I’m at work getting my nails done instead of doing work stuff because that’s the kind of luxury you get from being your own boss! 

Got home to man child cooking burgers whilst baby ran around like a headless chicken still shouting ‘bee’ at me. Thought she may have moved onto a new word by then! Today’s been all round good day I would say! 



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