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First blog post and London travels. 

A blog? But why? Well why the hell not! I guess it gives me something to do in the spare 5 minutes I get a day between changing nappies, keeping a tidy home, cooking cleaning and working! (Isn’t this what every 24 year olds life is like?) So why not just let you in on the ongoings of my life! And I’m sure some people will be sat reading this and giggling away to themselves in a negative way that I’m even attempting this but it doesn’t bother me! Weaknesses of others only give me strengths! So let’s get started…

So I woke up bright and early this morning…except it wasn’t bright it was actually pretty dark out still but it was early! 7am to be exact. (I guess the one benefit to waking up in the dark unlike waking up on a hot summers day is that when you open the curtains you don’t feel as though your eyeballs have been burnt out of your skull and are now in flames on the bedroom floor). Not too early for some but certainly an early start for me!

See today I was off to London to embark on a new adventure. For those of you who don’t know I own a beauty salon in Milton Keynes called Alchemy Therapy Centre. I’ve owned this salon for 3 years now and the time has flown by! So between beginning my business and having a baby I haven’t had a chance to add any new treatments to our long list of the ones we already do!

But today changed that. In fact it’s the first of many courses I have planned this year!

Anyway… so I get out of bed with my hair completely in disarray because I decided it was a good idea to wash it and let it dry over night. Problem with that is…we live in a cottage which means it’s pretty much cold all the time. So heating cranked up over night to ensure we don’t freeze to death in our sleep my hair has now become a frizzy birds nest. Messy bun it is for me today then! Or everyday I should mention. Because really who has the time to sort their hair out every single morning especially when you have to get up at the crack of dawn.

Ready to leave with baby and man child all tucked in bed with a few more hours before they need to get up and off I go! Feeling positive and excited for my new adventure and BOOM! Traffic. So about 10 minutes of songs and 1.5 hours of listening to people pointlessly talk about shit on the radio I finally made it! (With only 1 minute to spare) popped to the loo and this is what I see.

Luckily I didn’t have any kittens or puppies tucked away in my handbag or this blog could have turned out a completely different way.

So the course was amazing! I attended the IIAA (international institute for anti ageing) in London for a course on the advanced nutrition programme! I won’t go into too much detail about the actual course itself but in a very brief description ANP is a 100% absorbable skin care supplement and there’s literally a supplement to suit everyone! So I’m definitely looking forward to introducing it into the salon! I also didn’t know how beneficial green tea was until today so I’ll definitely be drinking more of that! Picked up a few supplements for myself to see if I can improve my own skin.

Quick jump back in the car to get home and the roads were clear the whole journey home which was great! But when I got back Hazel was already in bed so i had to sneak in to give her a good night kiss because I haven’t seen her all day!

So 2 episodes of the walking dead later and a catch up on big brother here I am. Blogging. For possibly the 1st and last time ever!


Alchemy Therapy Centre


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